Middelburg, 23 - 02 - 2017

Shareholders agree: A new owner for DELTA Retail

On 23 February, the shareholders of DELTA NV agreed to the sale of its retail organisation to the infrastructure fund EQT. The acquisition price is 488 million euros. The transaction will be effected by transferring the shares in DELTA Comfort B.V. (including DELTA Kabelcomfort Netten BV and ZeelandNet BV) to EQT Infrastructure. DELTA Retail will retain the names DELTA and ZeelandNet and will remain based in Zeeland.

“The shareholders approval is good news for the company, the customers and for Zeeland,” says Gerard Uytdewilligen, CEO of DELTA NV*, speaking about the sale agreement. “Developments in the energy market and the obligatory split mean that restructuring is required and some parts must be sold. However, this scenario works out nicely for both DELTA NV and the staff affected, allowing this Zeeland company to keep building for the future. And that is positive.”

“With the new owner, DELTA will simply continue as DELTA.” says Harko Buringh, General Manager of DELTA. “It is for DELTA, as an independent company, possible to grow further. DELTA will also be able to offer its customers the benefits more often in future of the unique combination of energy and digital services. So DELTA will also remain the Zeeland-based supplier of electricity, gas, internet, television and other digital services in the future. We will continue to cherish our involvement with the region. DELTA will continue to assist initiatives that help Zeeland and its people to progress, for instance

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As of 1 March, DELTA NV will become PZEM: the Provinciale Zeeuwse Energie Maatschappij (Province of Zeeland Energy Company).

Jaap Stuurwold, spokesperson

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